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Miss Elvyra Brings Bright Blessings: Traditions For Long Winter Nights
Rituals For Heart And Soul From Lady Muse: Home Is Where The Hearth Is
Learn The Legends With Marin Graves: Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
Psychic Rules Of The Road With Sister Jacqueline: When It's Okay To Cheat (On Your Psychic, That Is!)

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News from Hoodoo Psychics - Christmastime 2019
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Welcome to another issue of Hoodoo.News -- and thanks for letting us into your inbox!

It's Christmas Day, and I hope that, whatever celebration you embrace, this solstice week brings  you peace and joy.

Today's solar eclipse is conjunct Jupiter (planet of luck, wealth, and generosity) and trine Uranus (for surprises and experiments) -- talk about a truly fortunate day! It's a nice foretaste of January's darker Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which will shake-up power structures in big (national and international) and small (home and  office) ways.

Try to take the coming month in stride, and give a call to Hoodoo Psychics if we can help!

A few lists to help you start the year off right:

 15 Ways To Usher In A Glorious New Year!
 9 Foods For Luck In The New Year
• 4 Ways to Cleanse for a Fresh New Year!

Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

Miss Elvyra Brings Bright Blessings

Traditions For Long Winter Nights 

The week of winter solstice is a time to gather with family, friends, loved ones and community, especially for Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches, to honor through rituals and ceremonies the traditions of the dark returning to light.

The ancients knew this was the longest night of the year, which meant that the sun's journey back toward Mother Earth had begun, bringing her back to life with warmer days.

Cleansing and ridding one's home, physically and spiritually, of clutter, dirt, waste, and negativity is best performed as part of ushering in the new life coming forth at this time. 

Setting up the sacred space and altar starts this process, along with creating a safe area for a fire (either in a fireplace, cauldron, or fire pit), perfect for performing some banishing spells to cleanse the house (and one's self) of old demons and bedevilment.

There are several simple but powerful spells:

• Write the name of who or what one wants to banish on a small piece of paper and anoint with Banishing oil at the four corners and center. Put into the fire with three Eucalyptus leaves and let burn.
• Burn a bit of nettles and chicory in the fire and focus on what you wish to banish.
• Throw a small amount of Asafetida on the fire, shouting out, "Begone, go back to where you came from!"
• Place iron or steel tools and implements at home entrances to repel harmful or just mischievous elven folk.
• A powerful mixture of acorns, mistletoe, and oak bark burned in a fire repels undesirable spirits, causing malicious demons to leave.
• A Witch's Ball — a colored glass globe hung at windows and doors — repels evil.
• The ringing of bells disperses negative spirits.

Finally, the making of the Yule Log (large for a fireplace or small for a cauldron) seals the home. Choose the wood of a tree that has specific significance and decorate with berries, feathers, cinnamon sticks, and mistletoe (nontoxic burnable items). Then put into the fireplace or cauldron and burn. Keep the ashes and use as protection from negativity, evil energies, or nasty beings.


Hoodoo Psychic Miss Elvyra works in the lady-hearted tradition and is a favorite reader. She is the cohost of The Witch, The Priestess, and The Cauldron podcast.

Rituals For Heart And Soul From Lady Muse

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

As we are in the beautiful season of Winter, people all over the world are preparing and beginning their family celebrations.  These celebrations include rituals of candle lighting, gift giving, music, dance and feasts. Many colorful stories overflowing with morals and values are shared to preserve and honor the history of the culture tradition. Sitting around a fire is not uncommon, which is a great time to use this powerful fire energy to create change. 

The fireplace is often found in the center of a home, the place where families gather. A pinch of herbs for a specific intent can be applied to the fire and raise the vibration of your desire. Keep in mind Safety first! Just a pinch!

This ritual addition is simple and can be delightful on your celebration day of choice, as many individuals love to time their work. This work can be enjoyed by a fireplace or outside in a fire pit. During a waning moon cycle, it would be great to cleanse and clear away blockages that hinder positive growth and success from the family and community. A pinch of this mixture would be great to open the way.

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Rue
  3. Agrimony
  4. Angelica Root
  5. Borage
  6. Thyme
  7. Basil
  8. Sage
  9. Rosemary
  10. Bay leaf
  11. Solomon seal root

Pray and awaken the herb-root mixture and charge it with your intent. Using a mortar and pestle or blender, transform the mix into a powder. Focus on intent while blending. When completed and ready, gather your loved ones around the fire and as everyone meditates on breaking the chains of hindering spirits, drop 3 pinches of the mixture into the flames as you pray.

Keep in mind that a prayer from the heart is very powerful, but if you need a little prayer assistance here is one I wrote that might be helpful. Enjoy!

God the Creator, I thank you for all things.

I ask that you break the chains of bondage, freeing and uplifting the inner man of our Loved ones, friend, and those who cannot pray for themselves 

Give us clarity, wisdom, knowledge, Love, peace, and unity. Let our guardians open the doors and clear our paths that we may embrace positive growth and success. 

Keep our Guardian Angels encamped around us protecting us from all evil, hurt, harm, and danger

Let the Ash of this fire purify and shield us from all negativity. 

As we end this year and begin the next, we thank you for Strength and Courage. 

We humbly thank you for building us to be our best.

By the Powers That Be.

So Mote It Be!

Hoodoo Psychic Lady Muse ministers to the masses, helping them break free from the bondage of oppressive situations and uplifting their Spirit. Give her a call at hoodoopsychics.com.

Learn The Legends With Marin Graves


Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Many people who celebrate Christmas hang Mistletoe in their homes. We know anytime love interests pass underneath it, it's a great excuse for them to exchange a kiss. Parents torment their kids with this. Young lovers conveniently find each other under it. Long time partners enjoy a moment of youthful bliss beneath sprigs. 

But do you know where the tradition originated?

How about a little holiday trivia?

Kissing under the Mistletoe comes from Frigga, the Norse goddess of love. 

Frigga's son, Balder, told his mom that he dreamt of his death. Of course, she was a worried mother who rushed around town asking people to promise her son would not die. But his dream became reality. He was killed with a Mistletoe arrow. 

As all myths go, Balder came back to life and his distraught mother cried tears of joy that transformed into pearly mistletoe berries. She then kissed anyone when passing by Mistletoe. The idea being, that anyone who received a kiss under the mistletoe tree could never be harmed.

There are two other stories where Mistletoe and kissing come to play:

Freya, the goddess of love in an Anglo-Saxon legend, proclaimed that all men must kiss the young girls who stood below a Mistletoe sprig hanging from the ceiling. 

Also, another custom actually required Mistletoe – all of it used to decorate homes – should be burned on Twelfth Night or any couple who kissed under it would never get married.

Regardless of which legend you believe, I hope that your moments under the Mistletoe are filled with kisses of joy, and that your holiday season shines as bright as your soul.

Hoodoo Psychic and medium Marin Graves divines with tarot, pendulum, crystal balls, astrology, and cowrie shells, in addition to channeling messages from the dead. Find out more at hoodoopsychics.com.

Psychic Rules Of The Road With Sister Jacqueline

When It's Okay To Cheat

(On Your Psychic, That Is!)
The telephone rings.

"Hello this is Jacqueline. How can I help you?"

"Hi Sister Jacqueline, I have a couple of questions."

The voice on the other line is a little soft and a little quavering. It reminds me of when we were children and we were asking about unknown yet compulsively thrilling information or experiences. We were breathless; shaking in our clothes despite the temperature, anxiously waiting for the Answer.

After a couple of questions, the real reason for calling makes itself known. "I have another question. I am having work done for me on my behalf. I wanted to get a read on the effectiveness or success of this work. Can you do that?"

Ah. The reason for the shaky, breathless words coming from the other end of the phone. She is asking one reader about another. 

Cheating on her psychic.

 * * * * *

Believe it or not, this happens more often than you would think. The client, as I will identify the caller, is curious about the validity of the reader or the work of the reader. No different than taking your car to more than one mechanic to see if the same diagnosis comes up so that you can be sure you are not being charged for items or work that is not necessary to fix the problem. This should be fine with readers, despite some who do their business in neon sign facades on Broadway, who might prefer that you make a hasty decision on the work and pay in cash, thank you. It is your prerogative to make decisions on your time and with good counsel from whomever you choose without pressure from any reader.

Once, I went into the little shop that had the sandwich board sidewalk sign with the red palm and $10.00 painted in white in the middle. I knew she was the local psychic, and many of her clients came to me. Twice a year for many years she would call me (I knew it was her as I programmed her number in my iPhone a long time ago), and she would ask me specific questions to try to ascertain my talents and knowledge -- and of course, my prices. I decided to spontaneously pull into the parking lot and come into her place to get the $10.00 reading. The aroma of something deliciously simmering on the stove wafted through the curtains that separated the living quarters from the traditional parlor/living room of this older Victorian, and I was invited to sit at the table.

I placed my ten dollar bill on the table and she moved it aside and took my palm into her hands. I was told things that I will not share (my prerogative) and then I was told that 'for $75.00 I can have all negativity cleansed off of me' so that blessings would come in more quickly. As I hesitated (realizing that this remediation offered to me was less than 5 minutes into my reading), she said that 'this cleansing would be a special price since I come in for the reading, but if I choose to come back the regular price was $150.00.' I told her I was not interested in the cleansing and when she further pressed, I told her it was time to go pick the children up from school. She understood that I was not going to need any further remediations. I thanked her and quickly departed to go pick up my teens (Yes, I really had to get the kids from school). 

I share this experience as I wanted to empower you that you are absolutely correct in your spiritual self-care if you choose to question/compare information from a reading or if you wait for spiritual remediations or spellwork to be performed on/for you. You are also correct in expecting that the cost of said spellwork/candles/cleansing remain the same price as the first offer; you should be suspect if prices change from the same reader for the same work. If you have the same reader offer the same work at different prices, ask why the change and then decide if it is worth it for you. Now, in defense of rootworkers, spellcasters, and prognosticators, each has their own reasoning for setting prices the way they do and yes, sometimes work being done for you COSTS. If you cannot see yourself going to the crossroads at night to lay an offering because of fear of discovery/arrest/danger, then your spellcaster will do it but expect that they will be compensated for not being tucked into their blankets at the stroke of midnight. We workers encounter things that go bump in the night, too.
Many times the caller wants a secondary reading to validate what the first reader told her and to quantify the work that is being prescribed by the first reader. This is okay as well, as it will give clarity. This too, should be fine with any respectable reader. The seeking of further validation amongst peers gives credence to your gift, and I have also recommended other readers for certain spellwork as the client needs. It should not be offensive to a reader that a client seeks confirmation; we are all here to help this soul attain what they desire. There should be no pressure and no competition between readers, and a client should have the ability to make their choice of their own Free Will. This sets the tone for the Universe to follow that it was of no coercion or pressure that the client had services performed for them -- it was the client's choice.

Oh, the caller? She relaxed once she heard from me similar words of advice from the same reading and I gave almost exactly the same remediation counsel that she received from the first worker. She relaxed and her voice sounded like her fears had been dashed. A lighter, musical "Thank you!" came over the line. Another satisfied customer.
The other psychic will never know that her client "cheated" -- unless the client "spills the beans."

Author, Prognosticator, and Purveyor Rev. Sister Jacqueline (ex 9999) is one of the many talented readers on Hoodoo Psychics. Visit her biography page  to see her services.