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Deacon Millett: Notes and Comment
Sister Jacqueline With An Astrological Report: Mercury in Retrograde October 31
Jon St. Germain Gives Clear Sight On Relationships: Can you Spot a Monster in Disguise?
Miss Michaele's Hoodoo Tips And Tricks: Simple Protection Secrets For You And Your Home
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News from Hoodoo Psychics - Halloween 2019
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As this is being written, fires continue to ravage California. Our prayers go out to colleagues, friends, family, and clients who may be impacted.

Mercury is turning retrograde in Scorpio, notes our own Sister Jacqueline, so don't forget to turn your clocks back on November 3rd. (Isn't that how it goes?) Since communication and technology are bound to get squirrelly, please drop me a line if you have any issues with Hoodoo Psychics!

Jon St. Germain shares some clear-eyed wisdom on how to spot the real monsters among us. Please take heed!

Whether you're worried about tricks played by the living or the sleepless spirits of the dead, Miss Michaele's protection secrets are sure to come in handy.

There is still time to back a beautiful Kickstarter project called The Prisoner's Apothecary which combines herbal medicine and gardening in communities ravaged by imprisonment. 

Enjoy your Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, All Souls Day, and Day of the Dead!

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Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

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Sister Jacqueline With An Astrological Report

Mercury Retrograde Image

The next Mercury Retrograde occurs on October 31st (spooky!) and continues until November 20th. During this time, Mercury will be in the astrological sign of Scorpio the Scorpion.  We can give thanks that this is the last Mercury Retrograde for the year 2019!

The natural state of Scorpio, meaning without the added inciters or enhancements of planetary movements, is one of incredible, powerful passion and drive. Psychic in nature because it is a water sign, many people mistake Scorpions for having the Fire element, because of their extreme acid tongue and somewhat cruel way of dealing with people who have wronged them. They feel emotion more deeply than some and are fiercely independent and sometimes forceful in their dealing with others. This level of emotional maturity many times develops at a young age, which allows them to appear older than they really are.

This maturity also inspires a fearlessness that personally challenges them to achieve heights that seem impossible. Their boldness attracts inspiration and a reputation for being brave and courageous, and many times they are placed in leadership roles. Scorpios uncover Truths that are hidden and are curious how the human mind works, which is sometimes perceived as controlling or manipulative. This is not necessarily true -- it is simply that they are revealing your strengths in the event they have to call on you for help,  which will not be too often as they like to be in control. I told you that already, right?

Which leads me to Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio from October 31st (Halloween) to November 20th. Mercury, the planet of communication, will surely be a 'burr under the saddle' of Scorpio, as their leadership qualities will come out of their mouths as scathing, which will, of course, hurt the feelings of some recipients. Since a muzzle like Dr. Hannibal Lecter wore in The Silence of the Lambs is not feasible, and duct tape is not an option, the classic "bite your tongue" will be the mental mantra for Scorpions during this time. Thank goodness this passes and Mercury resumes direct motion before the family gathers around the table at Thanksgiving on November 28th.

Negative traits for Scorpio that will be triggered during this Mercury Retrograde cycle are:

  • Destructiveness
  • Vengefulness
  • Being too willful
  • Appearing unforgiving
  • Inciting drama
  • Being secretive

For those born under this Water sign, this Mercury Retrograde will cloud your emotions and you may find that others are complaining that you are not respecting their boundaries or you simply may be ignoring the values that they treasure. This cold-hearted approach to others' boundaries will raise the drama bar and may result in certain plans backfiring for you. Clear out old and outdated emotional "baggage" and live in the moment regarding resources available and the people who provide them. Take a chill pill. It's only for three weeks and then you can start planning that Thanksgiving feast.

Prognosticator, author, and proprietor, Rev. Sister Jacqueline is one of the many fine readers on Hoodoo Psychics. Call her at 1-888-4-HOODOO ext 9999 or visit her biography page at hoodoopsychics.com.

Jon St. Germain Gives Clear Sight On Relationships

Image - Can You Spot A Monster In Disguise?

Halloween is a time when it's fun to wear disguises and pretend to be someone else. But there are real monsters disguised as caring humans, and psychologists designate these individuals as psychopaths. If you get involved with them, it can be devastating. One of their favorite ways to manipulate you is a series of psychological ploys collectively known as "Gaslighting." Here are six signs someone may not be whom they seem to be:

1. Lying is second nature. They will lie, when the truth will serve just as well. This is intended to make you doubt your reality. If you call them on their conflicting versions of of events, they'll say your memory is faulty. Or that you're the one who's lying. This is a definite red flag!

2. Blatant discrepancy between words and actions. The person may say they care about you, but their actions say otherwise. They may say they are looking for a job, but remain unemployed for months. They might claim to have lots of friends, but you never meet them. Maybe it's time to wonder if they are being completely honest.

3. Projection. You know they lie, but they accuse you of lying. You catch them cheating, but they accuse you of cheating. Their actions are irrational, but they say you are the one who's crazy. Pause and do a reality check. What are the facts? It can be hard to tell with these people.

4. Separating you from support. They will separate you from family and friends. Without your support group, you're more likely to succumb to their tactics. Don't let this happen!

5. Denial. They will deny everything. If you catch them lying, cheating, or stealing, they'll deny it. Sometimes you'll begin to doubt yourself. Ask around. If they're doing it to you, they've probably done it to others.

6. Flattery and contempt cycling. They'll flatter and love you, then tear down your self-esteem. Then they'll apologize and flatter you again, only to start the cycle all over. This is an insidious form of abuse that is so damaging, it often takes years to recover from it. If you see this happening, don't excuse it--walk away from it.

Beware of these predators masquerading as caring humans. There are no treats here, only tricks. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Jon St. Germain is an author, teacher, and in-demand spiritual advisor, heard weekly on the Crystal Silence League Hour. Learn more about him at hoodoopsychics.com

Monster Mash Image

Miss Michaele's Hoodoo Tips And Tricks
Simple Protection Secrets For You And Your Home


If this time of year has you spooked, here are some tried and true methods of protection.

1. Place a pinch of salt mixed with red and black pepper at the corner of each room and one at the center -– like the five spot on dice. Pray over it while you lay it down. Then follow up with a pinch at each corner of the house and one at each corner of the property. Replace as necessary, about once a week.

2. Dress the front and back doors and the windows once a week with a few drops of Fiery Wall of Protection oil, or any  protection oil from a reputable, old-fashioned spiritual supplier. With oiled fingers, make a tiny X at each corner and at the center.

3. Place mirrors so that anyone who looks into your windows or doorways gets their gaze bounced right back at them. Some people find Mylar on the windows “to keep out sun and heat” also keeps out the evil eye and bad luck.

Protection Herbs & Plants Image

4. A line of red brick dust across your doorway is another good old way to protect a house. Just touch it up as needed. You can buy it from spiritual suppliers or just smash up a red brick with a hammer. If you’re smashing up a brick for yourself, you can have a good old time cursing out your enemies. And don’t stop with the mean people you know -— make sure to include “all enemies known AND UNKNOWN.”

5. If you’re any good with potted plants, you can keep a cactus in each window where passersby can look in, so if anyone’s giving you the stink-eye it’ll “put their eye out.”  (My Justice Altar stands beside a window, so I like to keep a vase of thistles there.)

6. Evil eye charms -– they look like little blue eyes made of glass –- will keep your keychain or necklace working for you. Hamsa hands, also called Hands of Miriam, are an old Muslim and Jewish charm which many rely on.

7. Dab a little protection oil on a wet washcloth and throw it in the dryer with the rest of the laundry, thereby dressing everybody’s clothes. And don't forget towels and linens!

Once your cleansing and protection work is done, I recommend regular use of Lucky Mojo’s Lucky 13 oil. It’s originally intended for gambling luck, but since it contains black cat hair and other things thought to be unlucky -- to turn the bad luck into good luck -- it’s often used by people who need to end a long run of bad luck.

Miss Michaele is the author of Hoodoo Bible Magic and an aficionado of old-school conjure. Visit her at hoodoopsychics.com today!

The Prisoner's Apothecary 

Plant-Based, Traveling Apothecary Designed By Prisoners 
Helps Rethink America’s Reliance On Punishment And Control

Please back The Prisoner’s Apothecary on Kickstarter!  This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, November 6 2019 5:55 PM EST. 

As part of a national tour, The Prisoner’s Apothecary will offer free plant medicine and healing justice workshops to communities marginalized by mass incarceration. Filled with teas, tinctures, steams, and salves from gardens grown in collaboration with incarcerated persons, The Prisoner’s Apothecary facilitates the healing potentiality of folx we are systematically taught to condemn.

Jackie Sumell is an artist, organizer and abolitionist based in New Orleans LA. She has spent the last 18-years working with folx serving their sentences in solitary confinement.