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Deacon Millett: Notes and Comment
Miss Elvyra On Seasonal Magic: CANDLEMAS The Return of Light
A New Ritual From Evan Lionhart: With Liberty & Peaceful Transitions For All
Jewish Magic With Dr. Jeremy Weiss: Yeal Milk Jug Spell Brings A Swift End To Unwanted Guests
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Hoodoo Psychics - Candlemas 2021
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Today's Leo Full Moon is full of tension, pushing us toward grand finales in our lives. Jupiter brings its excess to conjunct the Sun in Aquarius, with Uranus and Mars in Taurus, creating a fierce T-square of the whole mess.

Heated action, overdue surprises, and emotional outbursts are all possibilities today. But instead, let us go for heartfelt ephiphanies that bring us, at long last, to strike out in new directions.

Out with the old, and in with the new. Prepare us to face facts with stoic calm. 

Bring on the light!

Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

Miss Elvyra On Seasonal Magic

Pagans celebrate the returning of light after the Winter Solstice on February 1st, Imbolg or Imbolc. In Old Irish, Imbolg translates to surrounding her belly or around the belly, meaning the Earth Mother's womb, the land and soil, the beginning of fertility of the land. This is the time when the goddess Persephone renews herself from the underworld. In the cycle of renewal the young god (the Sun) is growing from child to youth.

The holiday became Christianized as Candlemas, Saint Brigid's day, February 2nd, and was a celebration of purification. In Greece, this time was the Lesser Eleusian Mysteries, when the youth were initiated in the mysteries, and in Rome, Lupercalia was celebrated.

Rituals of light, not heat, to encourage growth and fertility of crops took place to herald the coming of Spring. Omens were taken on this day, especially around weather and hibernating animals, such a groundhogs, who were said to predict the coming season.

The message is to purify, initiate, and quicken with activities/spells for growth, increased money, healing, and blessings of crops, animals, and children. The rowan tree, laurel, violet, primrose, and amethyst stone are useful at this time.

Imbolc Rituals And Spells
Purification or Cleansing
   • Use a burning sage stick and a cup of salted water. Go counterclockwise (widdershins) around each room, any ritual items(s), and one's self,  first with sage and then sprinkling with the salt water. 

Omens And Messages
   • To scry, take a bowl of water, place on a table, darken the room, and light one white candle in front of the bowl.  Gaze into the water, soft focusing, and let the candle flame flicker over the water, opening you to visions.
   • To dream true (prophetically), keep this charm under your pillow: a cloth bag with mugwort and a length of red cord, the two ends knotted together.

Financial Prosperity
   • Bury your financial petition request with a seed (or a seedling). Water it for renewal.
   • Rub a Buckeye with money drawing oil, place in a bag with 3 pinches of basil, magnetic sand, a large denomination coin, and a $2 bill or $5 bill. Carry this with you and renew the money drawing oil from time to time.

Health And Wellness
   • To heal from a distance, create a talisman by choosing a lodestone or quartz crystal. Charge it by prayers, incantations, setting on your altar, putting out in the sun and moon. Call on Hekate or a personal deity of healing from your tradition and/or Archangel Raphael. Place it on the person's picture/name paper/petition.
   • Carry three acorns and a piece of sassafras root in a green or gold bag for continued good health.

These are but a few ways to work with Imbolg/Candlemas and the returning of the light.
Hoodoo Psychic Miss Elvyra works in the lady-hearted tradition and is a favorite reader. She is the cohost of The Witch, The Priestess, and The Cauldron podcast.
A New Ritual From Evan Lionhart

Despite 2021 starting off in the manner of a drama-packed action film, we can still be inspired through our faith and magic to cultivate inner peace. I designed the following spell with the intent to assist with overcoming trying times during periods of transition and first shared it on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour. I hope it inspires you to find a place of stillness for yourself, your family and communities.

You will need: 

Printouts of:
The Six of Swords 
Your country (you may want to include the photos of any newly elected party members)

Brown sugar  
White sugar
Vanilla bean pieces
Shell of a whole walnut
6 Broom straws 
Peace water
Tranquility oil 
White plate
White thread
Black or Blue pen 
White or Blue taper candle; something to set it in
Clean jar to put everything in

Take the printout of the Six of Swords and write a prayer from your heart for peaceful transition. You may use a Psalm if you choose, such as Psalms 1 or Psalms 91. Set this aside face up on your white plate.

Take your clean jar and place the broom straws inside, praying that any obstacles in the way of peace be swept aside. Fill it about a third full with Peace Water and set it on top of the plate to the side.

Dress your taper candle with Tranquility oil and light it. Begin to make a small packet with the picture of your country and elected leaders using cloves, lavender, and vanilla bean pieces. Fold it towards you before fastening it with the thread. Place it inside one half of a wholed walnut shell, praying Genesis 7:1 as you do so. Fill this half of the shell as much as you can with both brown and white sugar, then place the empty half on top. Use the remaining thread to wrap the shell closed before using the wax from your taper to seal the shell completely.

Once the wax has completely dried, place the shell inside of your jar, allowing it to gently float on top of the peace water, and close your jar. Burn one dressed tealight or taper daily on the jar for 40 days. At the end of 40 days, take your walnut “ark” out of the jar and bury it under a potted plant, such as a peace lily. Pray Genesis 8:21 over the remaining peace water before using to bless and dress your home, walkway, and neighborhood.


Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.
Jewish Magic With Dr. Jeremy Weiss

In the Book of Judges, Deborah prophesied that the honor of defeating King Jabin’s army would go to a woman. The commander of the army, Sisera, fled the battle site and took refuge at a tent on the plain of Zaanaim. Exhausted, Sisera requests Yael to bring him some water, but istead she pours him milk from her jug, knowing that it will make the general sleepy. Once asleep, she grabs a tent peg and pounds the spike into the commander’s head with a hammer, killing him and fulfilling the prophecy of Deborah.

Find a milk jug and, in it, place a tent spike, a hammer, Psalms 79 (which is a death curse), vandal root, salt, and black pepper. Like milk, vandal root causes a relaxing sleep and is used across the front steps with salt and black pepper to keep out dangerous, disruptive, and unwanted houseguests.

One of the magical techniques of the Hebrew people is “contagious” magic -- placing a magical object in close contact with the intended target. Another powerful technique used in Jewish magic is to place cursed objects into the ground (so they can be removed, should you want to reverse the spell). Therefore, combine both techniques by burying the milk jug under the front door threshold so the curse will transfer to the target as they approach your home. 

Join the Jewish Magic Festival on February 27-March 1st
for over 10 hours of instructional workshops
in the mystical and magical practices of the Jewish people.


Learn more about Dr. Jeremy Weiss on his Hoodoo Psychics biography page. He's ready to get to work for you!
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