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Deacon Millett: Notes and Comment
Evan Lionheart on Community Protection: Just Works For Unjust Times
Lady Muse Invokes the Spirit of Love: Summer Lovin
Eclipse Season
Rev. Sister Jacqueline on Honoring Your Ancestors: An Altar to the Past Helps Heal the Present
Miss Elvyra on Seasonal Workings: Mid Summer Nights Dream

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Hoodoo Psychics - Midsummer 2020
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As the days heat up, we enter a season of eclipses, with their portents of doom, revelation, and change.

We pray for justice, for blind eyes to open, for weighted scales to be righted.

We pray for brotherhood, for sisterhood, for love to light the way.

We pray to the Ancestors for their strength, their courage, their wisdom, their endurance.  

And we hold to the hope of Midsummer, that day will vanquish the darkness.

Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

Evan Lionheart on Community Protection

In times of disarray, strive to uphold peace and order. In times of darkness, be the one who lights the candle. Now more than ever, our communities and country need divine protection from injustice. Whether in exercising your rights through protest or uniting your heart in prayer from home, there are countless ways to fight for what’s right. Below is a working and some of my favorite conjure tips to help evoke and uphold the Spirit of Justice.

Some useful herbs & conjure products for community protection and justice include:

Law Keep Away sachet powder:  For warding off troublesome law enforcement, sprinkle in your car, shoes, and along your doorstep.

Run Devil Run oil:  Anoint yourself and your belongings to protect and keep malicious, ill-intentioned officers away.

Van Van oil:  As it can "flip" a situation, can be useful for reversing injustices. Useful for dressing community candles.

Althea root:  Sprinkle on justice works to bring help and aid to those in need.

Oregano, dried or fresh:  A powerful herbal ally known to repel law enforcement.


Tricks to Protect, Influence and Quell

A combination of railroad spikes, Indian head pennies, and a small pair of open scissors buried at the corners of your home or block will protect, look out, and cut trouble off from entering your home or neighborhood. 

Make a jar to silence racist, misleading, or divisive talk on social media:  Add Devil’s shoestrings, sulfur, and alum to a half-bottle of molasses. Print out pictures of the offenders and their words and add them to the jar. At least once a week, turn the bottle upside down and burn a black candle on it. Add new offenders to the bottle as needed. 

Barberry root, asafoetida and red brick dust can be employed as a powerful sprinkle to keep the law and trouble off your property. It can also be deployd on the front lines of protests for protection and to compel enforcers to keep their distance.

Evan’s Black Lives Matter Lamp for Concealment and Protection

You can start this lamp anytime, but Sundays are ideal. Start by writing a letter or petition to G-d/Source asking for the light of divine justice and protection to shine forth in your state or country. Burn it to ash and set it aside. Next, print a picture of your state, neighborhood or country and across the front, write out Psalm 91:1. Add the ashes from your petition to its center along with a small High John the Conqueror root, oregano, and agar agar. Wrap this packet up with red or purple thread and place it in the lamp base. Add lamp oil along with Solomon’s seal root, Devil’s shoestring, bay leaves and several drops of Law Keep Away, Protection and/or Van Van oils. The Solomon’s Seal root and bay leaves will offer clarity to the community as well as protection. Finalize the lamp by affixing a cross pendant to the base that you will dress daily with the previously mentioned oils. Pray the entirety of Psalm 91 over it weekly to burn a path to justice. 

Remain safe and well as you continue to fight for truth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.
Lady Muse Invokes the Spirit of Love

Summertime is here and normally families would be getting ready for summer fun. Beach Days, Barbeques and summer Holiday Gatherings with family and friends. Just as our country began the healing process of COVID-19, we were all hit with the tragedy of George Floyd, which set our Nation in flames. Bottom Line: People are tired of the Hate and it is imperative that we Invoke the Spirit of Love. 

The dictionary describes Love as an intense feeling of deep affection. This should be a trait that every human being, regardless of race, color or creed, possesses within their soul. It is imperative to understand and respect that ALL humans are created equal and should be treated as such. Our nation has turned upside down because it was built and has been driven by the opposite of Love for Far Too Long. 

If we want the people to be healed, we must stop sweeping under the rug and ignoring the wrongs of the past.  We must stop pretending that it is ok to inflict unnecessary harm and murder People of Color. We must stop justifying the horrible treatment of Men and Women of Color. We live in a multi-culture world.  We shape the world together. Even as all lives matter, it is important to acknowledge that racism is still prevalent in our country and It Must End. We the people Must Invoke the Spirit of Love and Respect for human life.

This Ritual works well on the night of the Full Moon during the hour of Venus.

Items Needed:

1 Black Vigil
1 White Vigil
1 Brown Vigil
1 Yellow Vigil
1 Multicolored (7 color) Vigil
White eggshell powder (Casciliara)
White Pepper

Clearing Negativity Incense Mix:
Lemon Balm

Love, Peace and Respect Healing Mix:
Grains of Paradise
Solomon Seal Root


After you have cleansed yourself and your work area, draw a heart sigil with the white eggshell powder on your work surface. Retrace the heart with white pepper to protect your ritual. Place your solid color Vigils around the heart and your multicolored Vigil in the center. The solid colors represent each race. If you feel a need to add another color, do so. The multicolor represents ALL races. Dress the candles with a pinch of the powdered Love and Respect Healing Mix. All you need is a pinch. Light your Clearing Negativity Incense mix first, as you pray from your heart to remove the hatred that plagues the land. You can use the following prayer:

I come to you, Lord God the Creator of All, and ask that you remove all manner of Racism and Hatred from the land. Cast it back into the abyss and Free the minds and hearts of the people. No more hatred of Color, no more hatred of Gender, no more unbalanced Laws, no more Plots to Suppress the People. No More Racism!  By the Power of the God Our Creator, So Mote It Be! (say 3 times)

Next, light the 7-day vigils and say a prayer for Love, Peace, Healing and Respect.  You can use the following prayer:

I invoke the Spirit of Love, I invoke the Spirit of Peace, I invoke the Spirit of Healing, I invoke the Spirit of Respect. Let your Ashe spread across the Land and engulf the people. Touch the Minds, Touch the Hearts, Touch their Spirits. Mend the Human Race! God, we thank you for Peace, we thank you for Love, we thank you for Healing, we thank you for respect toward one another! Thank you for Positive Change! Amen. 

Each day Repeat the Prayer for Love, Peace, Healing and Respect during the hour of Venus until the candles are completed. This can be repeated throughout the Summer once a month, starting on the Full Moon.

Hoodoo Psychic Lady Muse ministers to the masses, helping them break free from the bondage of oppressive situations and uplifting their Spirit. Give her a call at hoodoopsychics.com.

If 2020 wasn't already one for the History Books -- and, yes, there will be history books written about this time at some point in the future -- this year features the maximum number of eclipses possible within one calendar year. Three of these occur over the coming month, on June 5th, June 21st, and July 5th. Notice that the second two  will happen on Summer Solstice and on the day after the 244th anniversary of the birth of the United States. Weather aside, it's going to be a hot summer.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius June 5

Beginning immediately, June 5th, this first Lunar eclipse will color the bright, full moon dark red. Think of this as setting out on the journey, leaving the familiar and the comfortable to venture into even greater uncertainty. This is a time to leave behind expectations, as they bear the seeds of disappointment if held too tightly to one's heart. This is the time when we feel most exposed and vulnerable and should be prepared for literally anything to happen. This is a time for looking at our resources and refining our survival skills.

Annular Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer June 21

The most powerful and important eclipse of the year occurs just hours after Summer Solstice, as the sun's arc changes direction above us, causing a gorgeous Ring of Fire, as seen from the ancient places, Central Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. This is a time which will allow us an opportunity to create our own destiny.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn July 4

If you feel a change coming on, that is because it is inevitable. This cycle, which has been in play for close to two years, has been one of reflecting upon one's own history. The final of three in this series of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis will bring up many questions about the very nature of your reality. If you haven't figured it all out by now, the direction of your life, the merit of your achievements, relax; more will all be revealed over the course of the next month. The world and many of its most powerful nations, as well as your very neighborhood, home and family, are all going through this together. Unlike our ancestors, who had no idea when the light would return, we have thousands of years of star-gazing experience to inform us that, this too shall pass. Darkness cannot last forever.


Rev. Sister Jacqueline on Honoring Your Ancestors

An Altar to the Past Helps Heal the Present

One of the cards repeatedly appearing in clients' readings lately is the Ancestros, or ancestors' card. Many are facing tragedy delivered by this pandemic. Some of us will know someone who has lost a dear one to coronavirus. Unimaginable is the suffering of families who cannot say final goodbyes or pay respects to family and beloved community members. These newly departed souls cannot be at rest until their final remains are properly honored. Until then, their souls wander aimlessly, searching for understanding and direction. This year, many may encounter disembodied spirits once cities open up for the living again.  We will discuss practices for that in future newsletters.

When the Ancestros comes up in a reading, you are receiving the proverbial "cosmic phone call/knock at the door" to come visit and chat awhile.  Your ancestors want to communicate with you. Depending on the placement in the card spread, it may be that they have been "knockin'" for some time and you haven’t heard or responded, or you need to go visit them. Working with your ancestors is often your best line of defense, to protect you and the family.

Ancestor work is a large part of any indigenous spiritual practice or religion. The "old ways" knew that the future stood on the shoulders of the ancient ones. Time spent with Elders was essential. "Eggun before Orishas," my Godmother always said. It took me a long time to realize and accept this, as I had developed a difficult outlook regarding one of my parents. As children, we rarely know the whole story nor understand the circumstances or actions of family members. Time and wisdom, experience and lessons change that perspective.

If family trauma is in your history, once you resolve any hurt that your parents' actions (when alive) caused you, you can begin working with them in a peaceful, loving way. The simplest altar is a white doily on a table or chest of drawers, in a quiet part of the house. Ancestors’ spirits do not do well in a high traffic, busy area. Avoid your bedroom, as you may not rest well with their energy in your private space. It is best to keep this and all altars out of the bedroom.

Once you establish your altar, add a glass of water. Use a glass you won't drink from again. That odd wine glass in the cabinet is ideal, or go to the dollar store for a stemmed glass to dedicate to your ancestors alone. They will appreciate it. Fill the glass with cool water and place in center of table. This simple ancestor altar is effective for those on a budget or limited space. You may add a white candle, whether a 7-day "novena" vigil candle in glass, or a tealight. All light is appreciated, to illuminate their rise through the seven layers of Heaven.

Each morning, rise early to greet your ancestors. Take the glass of water from the day before and pour into the grass or a planter outside (where you will not walk over it) and refill the glass. Some change water once a week, usually on Sundays; choose what fits your schedule. After placing the glass of fresh water on the table, greet your ancestors on each side of the family tree by name, listing them one by one, and follow with a request for insight, blessing, and protection. 

Here is an example for you to create your greeting:

I greet my ancestors, both known and unknown,

Father's name
Mother's name
Grandmother on mother's side
Grandfather on mother's side
Grandmother on father’s side
Grandfather on father’s side
Brother's name
Sister's name

and all my relatives of both sides of the family, known and unknown,

I offer you this glass of cool water to refresh you on your journey and ask for your blessings, protection, love, and knowledge as I, your daughter and granddaughter, make my way.

(If offering a candle as well, say "I offer this light so that the energy of the flame will illuminate your progress in spirituality.")

I thank you in advance for the love and care you have shown me and continue to show me, as I go about my day.

Thank you.

This list should include brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, children -- any blood relatives.

Your ancestor work might also include a bud vase with a white flower, usually a carnation or a rose. White symbolizes peace and sanctity, and the flower will absorb any negativity in the home. You may also get a shot glass or tiny aperitif glass and offer rum, whisky, or any other alcohol your ancestors enjoyed. You might also include an unlit cigar, or an opened pack of favorite cigarettes.

A grand demonstration of devotion to your Ancestors might be a full tabletop or top of dresser or hutch. It might include a glass for each relative, framed photos (*see below), candles for each, flowers on both back corners of the table, a Bible, a crucifix, incense, candy, perfume bottles, mints or gum, foods, special dishes (like a tea cup or saucer/plate) for each ancestor, liquor, chocolates, cakes, etc. Some serve cups of coffee (black) before taking their own first cup. On birthdays, celebrations and holidays, some set a plate (**see below) from the dining table with a spoonful of each item on it. Some place whole birthday cakes on their altar for all to enjoy. Just make sure the cake YOU eat is from another cake, as once you dedicate a whole cake to the ancestors, it is not a good practice to take a slice of their cake. It is OK, however, to offer one slice from your cake to the ancestors, and leave the remaining cake for the living.

You will find that once you begin a ritual to connect with your ancestors, they will send you messages, like dreams you remember, a "whisper" in your ear, a clear vision of a future event in your mind’s eye, or movement on their altar. Sometimes ancestors visit and move an item, tip over or crack a glass, spill drinks and "nibble" the offerings. They are enjoying the feast you have given them. You will find over time that they are smoothing your path and removing blockages for you so that you can serve as a respectable representative of their legacy. When you achieve something you have asked for their help with, always give a bit more in offerings, such as having a Mass said for them, more candles, or a big potluck for the family to gather around and do a communal prayer service for them. Your ancestros will appreciate it.

* When using photos, make sure there are no living people in the photo. It must be a photo of your deceased relative only. 

** Make sure all plates, cups, and bowls have a crack or chip in them, or are plates that you will NEVER use for feeding someone who is still alive.



Prognosticator, purveyor, author, and educator, Rev. Sister Jacqueline (ex 9999) is one of the many fine readers with Hoodoo Psychics. Read more on what she can do for you in her biography page on Hoodoo Psychics or reach her at 1-888-4-HOODOO ex 9999 on Wednesday evening from 5pm to 10pm Eastern Time and most Saturdays and Sundays.

Miss Elvyra on Seasonal Workings

Long days, warm days, play days...

Known as Summer Solstice, Litha, Midsummer, it is a time of ripening, blessing, and welcoming the day as it banishes the night. The calendar date for the Northern Hemisphere is June 20/21 and for the Southern Hemisphere December 20/21.

A time of communal gathering of 3 days for celebration takes place, featuring dancing in the woods with religious ecstasy. It is a time to bring all tribes/communities together, a return to "home," family and kin. The message is of bonding, endurance and triumphant fulfillment.

It is said that at daybreak the sun casts 3 rays of light to the world. In return, one greets the sun and affirms goodness, truth, justice, peace, and wisdom.

The Summer Solstice is a gateway to vast energies that bathe the Earth and all life. Our bodies respond through our solar plexus, our power center, our sun.

A challenge that manifests is to be strong in body, clear in mind, large of heart, as this time shines light on all aspects of life.

Spells at this time are for lovers, divining the future, marriage, protection, and good luck. It is a time to watch for signs and portents.

Try your hand at scrying. Focus on a candle flame, incense smoke, dripping candle wax, or a summer fire pit, letting images appear. Write them down and research their meanings.

Go to a river, lake, or a body of water, chant your wish (or wishes) and float flowers you have kissed in the water (Roses, jasmine). 

Create a charm for dreaming: Pick 9 flowers and place in a pouch under your pillow.
Create a magical protection sigil:  Use a rock from the yard, woods, or a walk and place at your front door (or just inside the door).

Build a Witch's Ladder: Take 3 cords of equal length (White, Red, Black) and braid together with 9 different colored feathers knotted in.  While doing this weaving put in a) general protection and good fortune or b) specific purpose of gaining health, property, mystical knowledge.

Blessed Be.

Hoodoo Psychic Miss Elvyra works in the lady-hearted tradition and is a favorite reader. She is the cohost of The Witch, The Priestess, and The Cauldron podcast.
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