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Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
Office Hours For Your Favorite Hoodoo Psychics
Video Tutorials At The Hoodoo Learning Portal
Reverend James And Chinese New Year 2023
How To Win A Free Psychic Reading Every Week
Miss Bri's Three Kinds of Magic Your Year Needs

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Hoodoo Psychics - MLK Day 2023
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In this issue, we've got plenty to celebrate including:

   •  Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
   •  Office Hours For Your Favorite Hoodoo Psychics
   •  Video Tutorials At The Hoodoo Learning Portal
   •  Reverend James And Chinese New Year 2023
   •  How To Win A Free Psychic Reading Every Week
   •  Miss Bri's Three Kinds of Magic Your Year Needs
All that and Mercury turning direct on January 18, besides. What a week!

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If you've missed the last few Hoodoo Heritage Festivals, never fear! All the classes have been recorded for posterity, and now you can watch them at your own pace via the Hoodoo Heritage Learning Portal

From Amulets, Charms, and Talismans to Working With Graveyard Spirits, you'll find THIRTY video presentations, along with PDF study guides and Q&A sessions, to advance your study of Hoodoo, Folk Magic, and Global Spirituality.

Pick a subject and start learning. There's never been an easier way -- or a better time!
Lunar New Year With Reverend James

Chinese New Year starts Jan 22. This new year brings in the Yin Water Rabbit. Every year followers of Chinese metaphysics and astrology look to see what signs clash with the "Tai Sui" or Jupiter. There are five types of clashes, and five animal zodiacs are affected.

The "Same Zodiac" clash, is of course with the Rabbit. It's not that you have BAD luck, just no luck -- be careful this year and plan your moves carefully.

The "Conflict" clash is with the Rooster. Be mindful of your relationships as things in that department are volatile. 

The "Destruction" clash is with the Horse. Be active and tow the line at work lest you lose your footing this year. 

The "Harm" clash is with the Dragon. Try to keep a cool head and even temper this year as conflicts and arguments arise. Also take care when doing dangerous activities as you're prone to more accidents during this period. 

The "Torturing" clash is with the Rat. Try not to be so hot-headed and hostile; the way you approach things should be taken with care as you may "lose face" this year by acting before thinking. 

Remember, this is a generality and only focuses on ONE of EIGHT characters in your Chinese Astrology chart. Don't fret too much till you have a reading and see how much these clashes will affect you, if at all! 

Reverend James is a Chinese Astrologer and Hoodoo Psychic who would love to explore these clashes with you!

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Free Webinar With Miss Bri
Discover the magic to make your year the sweetest ever in a free one-hour webinar January 17th, 12 noon central time.

Miss Bri will be talking about real magic and magical techniques that you can put into play for yourself to have your best year yet. This event is appropriate for those brand new to magic as well as intermediate or advanced practitioners.

At the end of the webinar those present will have the chance to score some awesome bonuses -- like free copies of Miss Bri's books and hand-crafted mojo bags -- as well as first dibs on a new magical offering for 2023. Hoodoo Psychic Miss Bri teaches, advises, and provides ceremonial support for hundreds of students and clients around the world.