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Bible Magic with Evan Lionhart: The Healing Power of the Palm
Rev. Sister Jacqueline Springs Into Action: Chicken & Egg Magic
Hoodoo Heritage Festival, Forestville, CA: 2019 Hoodoo Heritage Festival

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News from Hoodoo Psychics - Easter & Passover 2019
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The big news up front:  if you call the Hoodoo Psychics hotline this Friday through Sunday, our blessing to you will be a half price reading. That’s $2 a minute, so if you’re not spending time with friends and family, give us a call!

This is also the last year Miss Cat will be hosting the Hoodoo Heritage Festival at her home and shop in Forestville, CA. Don’t miss your chance to stop in and wish her a happy birthday during the weekend celebration.

Find out more below, including a look at folks teaching workshops in Forestville, the meaning and use of Palm fronds in conjure, and a variety of egg and chicken magic.
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Deacon Millett

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Bible Magic with Evan Lionhart

The Healing Power of the Palm

With spring finally here, symbols of renewal and life are everywhere. The change in season also heralds the time of Easter, where many celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. One of the symbols associated with this joyous holiday is the palm, laid at Jesus’ feet as he rode triumphantly into Jerusalem. This article takes a closer look at this powerful tree and its spiritual uses. 

The African oil palm was used extensively for centuries in the spiritual practices of West Africa and South Africa. Though many of the palm fronds we encounter during Easter come from the Mexican Fan and Date palms, the spiritual applications are quite similar.

In the Bible we find this special tree mentioned several times. We find them mentioned as objects of decoration inscribed on the walls of Ezekiel’s temples. We read of the Israelites encountering them after they left Egypt in Exodus. They are mentioned in the Song of Songs and also in Revelation. From these passages we get a sense of how the palm acquired its reputation for victory and nobility. 

So how can you use the palm in spiritual work? For simplicity, we’ll work with the two types most likely seen on Palm Sunday: the Mexican Fan palm (Washingtonia robusta) and the Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). If you can get the fronds from a church, all the better.

A fan palm can be used to waft the smoke of your incenses while praying to add power to your rituals. Date palm leaves are ideal for this. Verses of Scripture or words of power can be written on the frond segments for an added effect. 

If you like working with the Psalms, Psalm 92 gives an excellent verse to create wealth, stability and success. Write your name out three times on a petition paper and write Psalm 92:12 over it. Add to it a pinch each of cedar wood, pine resin, and frankincense and fold into a packet. Place this in the soil of an indoor palm tree and keep it by your front door. Every week on watering, pray the Psalm over it.

To make a healing ointment, write the name of the afflicted on two fan palm fronds. Fold it into a palm cross and pray over it each day as it dries. When dried completely, burn the leaves to ash. Mix the ash with crushed Balm of Gilead or a healing herb of your choice, and a little palm or Holy oil. Apply to the person directly (or their dollbaby) until conditions improve. 

Even if Easter is not part of your spring practices, there’s elements of this very special time that can help bring renewal, healing and a victorious life.

Evan Lionhart is the newest addition to Hoodoo Psychics. Reach out for his readings and rootwork at hoodoopsychics.com.

Rev. Sister Jacqueline Springs Into Action

Spring is here and the ubiquitous sign of all things Easter is the egg. The egg is a symbol in many different beliefs and cultures, as it symbolizes fertility, new life, or new beginnings. When eggs are shared or used in spring and Easter celebrations, the meaning behind it is joy in a new life or the awakening of the Earth and Nature from a long Winter's nap. Not only do eggs symbolize that we are in a process of developing ourselves spiritually, but it is said that if you dream of eggs, then it may indicate that you are ready to have a child, or you are "birthing" a new area of your life, and changes to achieve that goal will come to pass.

Many spiritual workers also use eggs as symbolic items in ritual. Curanderos, or shamanic native healers from Central and South America, the United States and Mexico, use eggs as a central part of a limpia, or "cleaning/cleansing", they will perform for you. Limpias are recommended when you have blockages in your life or if you are experiencing a streak of bad luck, negativity, bad karmic situations, phobias, fears, and in some cases, curses that run through a family from generation to generation.

Many use the egg as a source of divination once the spiritual cleansing ritual has been performed. Some crack open the egg into a clear glass of liquid (usually water) and watch as the albumen, or egg white, swirls and form images that can then be interpreted or "read" in a spiritual consultation. This is for the spiritual worker to determine what form of action to take against the negative energy that is affecting the client's success. Other cleansing rituals instruct you to break the eggs that were rubbed over your body into the toilet to flush them down and away as a symbolic act of breaking a relationship off with another. Duck eggs have also been employed in rituals regarding a woman's reproductive health and issues with fertility.

Part of the egg is also used in the form of powdered eggshells, called Efun in the African language known as Yoruba. Efun, or cascarilla as it is known in the United States and Latin America, is used to mark a spiritual circle before a ceremony, as an addition to spiritual baths for healing, cleansing, and protection, and is also applied to certain areas of the body considered entry points for malicious spirits to try to gain possession of a person.

Not only the egg is used in hoodoo, conjure, and magic, but also the chicken. Traditional hoodoo practitioners may have "frizzled" chickens in their yard to 'scratch' up any items meant to jinx or "cross you up.” The "Frizzle" chicken is a specialty breed with characteristic curled or frizzled plumage. While the frizzle gene can be seen in many breeds, such as the Pekin and Polish, the Frizzle chicken is a distinct breed in a number of European countries and in Australia. 

Chickens are also used in certain traditions to cleanse as well. Depending on the belief system, a chicken will be ritually cleansed with water, prayed over, then passed over the entirety of a person's body to absorb any negativity or curse. It is then disposed of in the manner which the belief system dictates, and the person is considered cleaned of the condition.

Many cultures and races have their own stories of the use and meaning of eggs in Spring. Investigate and ask the Elders in your family what they know about the meaning of eggs in your family's heritage. You may find a story about the Faberge eggs or something even more precious to keep — love and sharing with your family and their stories at a blessed time. 

Happy Spring, Easter, and Ostara!

Rev. Sister Jacqueline, author, prognosticator, and purveyor of custom hoodoo products, is one of the many talented readers on Hoodoo Psychics. Read more on what she does on her biography page by clicking her name on the home page of Hoodoo Psychics at www.hoodoopsychics.com

Hoodoo Heritage Festival, Forestville, CA
Saturday May 11 - Sunday May 12, 2019
Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2019

A wide array of hands-on training workshops are being offered at this year’s Hoodoo Heritage Festival in Forestville, Calif., on Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th — and a variety of your favorite Hoodoo Psychics will feature prominently!

Lady Muse, an ordained Minister-Prophet with rare Spiritual gifts, will lead an Opening Ceremony of sacred song and sermon, drawing upon the roots of Black Baptist, New Thought, Deliverance and Spiritual Church Movements. In a separate workshop on Fertility, Childbirth, and Baby Blessing, she will share hoodoo spells and devout spiritual prayers regarding every phase of reproduction, from conception through spirit-led birth. 

Miss Cat Yronwode will present several new books, including her newly revised "Genuine Black and White Magic of Marie Laveau," originally edited by famed folklorist Zora Neale Hurston. In a second workshop, the author, teacher, reader, and rootworker unveil “The Secret of Numbers Revealed,” helping you determine your lucky numbers, lucky days and even how to adjust the spelling of your name to bring you the success you desire!

Deacon Millett, renowned for his love spells, will teach a class in traditional hoodoo to attract the perfect mate, including recipes and taste testing of a number of love potions.

Dr. Jeremy Weiss, a leading expert on the practice of historical and contemporary Jewish magic, will guide attendees in creating their own full-size, personally-inscribed Jewish Amulet Bowl to take home. (No prior knowledge of the Kabbalah or the Hebrew language is necessary.)

Mama E., Angela Marie Horner, Ms. Robin, Elle Duvall, and Catherine Yronwode are among the six panelists discussing How to Catch Good Luck! “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity." 

Ms. Robin will help you clear away old messes and protect yourself against further troubles in her workshop on The Nine Stages of Court Case and Legal Work. Learn to use herbs, roots, and seeds to help those in trouble with the law. 

Papa Newt leads a review of the Catholic Folk Magic oft called upon for matters of health, love, money and protection. A selection of medals and full-sized chromolithographic prints of favorite saints will be given away.

Papa Gee will guide participants in working with dirts, dusts, and powders — all while getting their hands blissfully dirty! Two spiritual powders made in the workshop will be available for take home.

Jon Saint Germain — the first and only palm reader to perform at the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Ball — will introduce "Secrets of the Crystal Silence League" on its 100th Anniversary, commemorated in a brand-new book of age-old wisdom, New Thought affirmations, and practical magic.


The Red Folder:
Private Lessons on the Practice of Hoodoo 

Edited by Catherine Yronwode

Genuine Black and White Magic of Marie Laveau:
Hoodoo's Earliest Grimoire and Spell-Book

Restored, Revised, and Edited by Catherine Yronwode

Secrets of the Crystal Silence League:
Crystal Ball Gazing, the Master Key to Silent Influence

by Claude Alexander Conlin
Edited and Revised by Catherine Yronwode and Deacon Millett

The Fortune Teller's Guide to Success:
Creating A Wonderful Career As A Psychic

by Valentina Burton

The Secret of Numbers Revealed:
The Magic Power of Numbers

by Godfrey Spencer
Restored, Revised, and Edited by Catherine Yronwode