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Evan Lionhart On Healing: Spiritual Tips For Staving Off Sickness

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Hoodoo Psychics - Protection from Unnatural Illness
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As we struggle to adapt to current hardships, it is hard not to feel alone. Social isolation, so necessary to fend off disease, plays havoc with the spirit of many, and the future is a minefield of uncertainties.

Our special offer last week was well-received, so we're giving it an encore. 
$5 for the first five minutes on both March 21 and 22 at HoodooPsychics.com.

Miss Cat will be on Hoodoo Psychics this Saturday to take your calls and her Sunday radio program, The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, will once again focus on the astrology of our current upheaval.

We pray for health care workers, delivery persons, and retail employees, that they may be safe from contagion. And we pray for the employment of all, that crisis days will be behind us as soon as possible.

Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

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Evan Lionhart On Healing

Spiritual Tips For

Staving Off Sickness

It's no secret -- wanting to maintain good health in these times is top priority. Now more than ever, protecting ourselves and loved ones becomes paramount, despite many feeling limited in both means and resources.

For the spiritual worker, there are a plethora of tools we can employ to keep illness at bay. Though never a substitute for professional medical treatment, 
conjure can help us remain in better health and spirits. Below is my spell and a few personal tips to help you and yours do just that.

Herbs To Enhance Wellness

If you have some on hand, add oregano oil to your hand sanitizer. Oregano oil is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial. Add a drop or two to some distilled water in a spray bottle and spray it on the inside of your face mask before entering public spaces.

For internal protection, garlic and echinacea as supplements or in their natural form are beneficial. Echinacea wards off sickness by boosting the immune system. Garlic contains compounds that can help fight off viruses and infections. As always, take care with these if you are pregnant or nursing.

Spell To Protect From Unnatural Illness

You will need:
  • a box (a cross-shaped box is ideal if you can find it)
  • a photo of you and your loved ones
  • cotton batting 
  • Peony root
  • Goldenseal
  • Life Everlasting 
  • salt
  • blue thread
  • a pack of white or red tealights
  • Healing or Holy oil
  • Run Devil Run oil
1) Write a petition for good health and protection from unnatural illness on the back of the photo. Turn it clockwise 90 degrees, then write Psalm 91:5-6 across it. Dress it with Healing or Holy oil.

2) Make a small cup of tea from Peony root pieces, Goldenseal, and Life Everlasting. Add a couple drops of Run Devil Run oil to it and pray as it cools. Once cooled, soak the cotton in the tea and allow it to dry. 

3) Make a packet with the remaining Peony root, Goldenseal, and salt, folding it towards you. Place it in the center of the dried cotton batting, and fold it around the photo. Tie the packet up with the thread and place it inside of the box with the lid on. 

4) Dress your tea lights with Run Devil Run and set them up in a circle around the box going clockwise. Light them and recite Psalm 23 over your work and allow the candles to burn out. Once finished, keep the box on your altar or in a kitchen cabinet above your stove. Pray over it weekly to refresh the work.

May health, wellness, and above all peace be yours. 

Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.


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