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Deacon Millett: Notes and Comment
Miss Elvyra On Spiritual Spellwork: A Time of Gratitude & Magic
Miss Jacqueline's Traditional Spellcraft: Using the Moon's Phases to Create Magic
Evan Lionhart On The Thankful Life: Living Giving Gratitude

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News from Hoodoo Psychics - Thanksgiving 2019
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Greetings, all, and a heartfelt thank you for being a part of Hoodoo Psychics! As Mercury retrograde comes to an end, we're ironing out some changes in the system. The biggie? No need to add funds to your member account! We are now just billing you for the minutes used. No muss, no fuss.

Last month, we told you about The Prisoner's Apothecary, a Kickstarter project which combines herbal medicine and gardening in communities ravaged by imprisonment. I'm happy to say that it was fully funded (at the last minute), something for which I'm definitely grateful.

At this time of year my thoughts turn to Money Stay With Me magic. As we're pushed to spend more and more, I feel a little rebellious, so I wanted to share this Waste Not Want Not spell with you.

When we're done with THE turkey dinner and have trimmed every extra bit of meat for sandwiches and turkey curry (yes), it's time to throw that broken carcass into the Crockpot to boil and bubble for a day or two. I like to add some money herbs -- sweet basil (for money house blessing), thyme (to attract more cash), and bay leaves (for victory over high prices). Keep adding water and even a dash of vinegar to help draw out the minerals. 

When ready to ladle into jars (we reuse the ones from spaghetti sauce), first let it cool to lukewarm and strain with a fine-mesh strainer. Every recipe tastes a little bit better when we use our own home-made broth.

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Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

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Miss Elvyra On Spiritual Spellwork

Mercury Retrograde Image

Roasted turkey with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cornbread, cranberry sauce, autumnal vegetables of squash, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans -- and feasting with family, friends, community, and Spirit.

The holiday celebrated as Thanksgiving comes later than the Pagan Sabbaths of the Wheel of the Year marking the harvest time. But whatever myth surrounds this time, there is the sense of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation through prayer, speech, action and ritual.

First harvest has been celebrated at Lughnasadh/Lammas and our ancestors and our beloved dead remembered and celebrated at Samhain/All Souls Day/Day of the Dead. This is the last of the harvest and the darkening of the year. So what better way to appease and honor the deities than by gratitude and doing rituals to reflect this.

But gratitude magic can and must be practiced all year round, especially when we are asking for personal things, e.g., love, money, health. A long time ago, when I first started my spiritual journey, I kept hearing "pray as if you already have what you want." Later I translated it to "start with what you are grateful for, what you already have. Then speak what you want as if it were already yours."

Ways To Offer Gratitude As Magic Spells

• If you are by a body of water with wave action, write on the earth/sand at the edge -- where water and earth come together -- what you are grateful for, your blessings. Allow the water's movement to take your gratitude into its self.

• Write down what you are thankful and grateful for, anoint the paper with Blessing oil, and put it under a white candle. When the candle is done, take the paper and fold it 3 times toward you. Keep this paper on your person (in a pouch, in your left shoe, under your pillow) to always remember your blessings.

• Offer fruit juice, wine, milk, grains, and vegetables to Mother Earth and the harvest deities by placing them in a wooded area slightly away from people.

• Each evening find something new to be grateful for. Write it on a slip of paper and add it to your Gratitude Treasure Chest. At the full of the moon, remember each of these blessings, burning them with Blessing incense or by the flame of a candle anointed with Blessing oil.

• Sing, chant, speak out loud your gratitude and blessings.

Hoodoo Psychic Miss Elvyra works in the lady-hearted tradition and is a favorite reader. She is the cohost of The Witch, The Priestess, and The Cauldron podcast.

Miss Jacqueline's Traditional Spellcraft

Using the Moon's Phases to Create Magic

Working with the different phases of the Moon for attraction or banishing candle spellwork has been a time-honored tradition in many magical beliefs. The Moon, Earth's "nightlight," has been a feature of legend and lore in regards to making magic and an accomplice of success in spellwork. It is sometimes believed that even a Lunar Eclipse, that occasional period of time when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, is like "extra innings" in Baseball: the effects of the Moon are amplified and any spell has a little bit of extra power to it. Lunar Eclipses occur even when it is cloudy, raining, or snowy outside, but there are other factors such as the different phases of the Moon that should be taken into consideration as you devise your spell-casting strategy.

Phase 1: The New Moon and Spellwork -- Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

New Moons are the harbinger of new and fresh situations, and the magic cast during this time can be quite literal in meaning. When the Moon is barely a slight sliver of light in the sky, it is time to look at our "shadow selves," examine our darkest fears and self-sabotage, and face our "Uglies" and work to change them -- or, at the very least, shhh them and allow them to curl up in the corner. Working with your shadow self is acknowledging its existence and looking at the harshness and terrors of the World in an attempt to figure them out so that you can be brutally honest with yourself, and thus honest with others. It is about utilizing those human qualities such as jealousy, clinginess, and manipulation and dispelling that energy in positive ways -- to look for a new job, pay attention to your mate, or set a goal to acquire something of value. It is also time to reconfigure or dress up your altar with fresh flowers and offerings.

New Moon time is also excellent for setting goals and intentions for the next month, until the New Moon comes again. Focusing on the bills? Set a financial goal to stick to during the month to earn more or to spend less so that you get your financial house in order. Are you ready to usher in the love of your life? New Moons are excellent to start to manifest a new love. Another good thing about New Moon energy -- letting go of the past and making a clean sweep of negative energy.

Phase 2: The Waxing Moon -- "Wax ON!"

During the Waxing Moon -- the time that the Moon is getting larger and brighter, but not at that mid-point where the Moon starts to appear to be shrinking -- sympathetic magic is best cast. This is the time to work on your self-esteem, your image to others, career matters, and love life. Write specific petitions to place under yellow, white, green, or pink candles with ideas of what you want from your lover (or soon to appear love), career, change in your title, or even a complete change of career fields. Writing is second to the tongue in manifesting, and using definitive statements such as "I will," "I want," or "I can" is the best method of achieving your goal, as using phrases such as "I wish" or "I hope" allows the essence of Doubt to manifest -- and with your love life and especially your career, there is no compromise. Use the catchphrase of "Wax ON!" to remind you to "bring it on" in matters of manifesting your best life.

Phase 3: Full Moon -- Coming on Strong!

Full Moons are the stuff that lore and movies are made of. They trigger the Werewolf and illuminate Dracula's flight. There is something to a Full Moon that is no joke. Ask any police officer or EMT. (Hah, you could go as far as asking a labor and delivery nurse.) Full Moons are full tilt boogie in matters of emotions running wild; everything is emotionally over the edge. Harness this energy and apply it to any spell you want, as the big bright mirror of the moon sees it all and helps out. Many people take this time to charge crystals in glasses of spring water overnight. Another self-energizing spell is to take a clear glass of spring water, cover it with a sheet of paper (to keep the bugs out), and let it sit overnight outside, basking in the Full Moon light. The next day, drink it as you meditate on what changes you want in your life. Full Moon time is for you to realize your New Moon affirmations or petitions, as you are gearing up to start banishing the negative side of your petitions away. For instance, if you are working on that pile of bills, from the New Moon to the Full Moon, you do spellwork to bring in additional opportunities to make money to apply to the bills, then at the Full Moon time, sit and strengthen your resolve to get through the month and get ready to do banishing work ON THOSE SAME BILLS. Yes, intention work and candle spellwork are two sides of the same double-edged sword. Which leads us to...

Phase 4: Waning Moon -- "Wax OFF!"

The Waning Moon, as the Moon is shrinking and becoming darker in the sky, is the time to cut ties with ugly situations and banish them to the edges of the Earth, never to return. This does not mean to throw the lover out the front door, but to banish the 'uglies' from your relationship -- taking advantage of each other, bad grooming, too many late nights with the 'boys', etc. It is also the time to banish self-loathing thoughts about yourself -- weight gain, insecurities, "f" boy dates, unfair treatment at work, "dem bishes," etc. This is the time to tell them "Hey, WAX OFF, man!" Time to remove all negative thoughts, essences, and energy keeping you from a life that you desire. You can cut those ties that bind you to negative people, wishing them the best and that the Universe give them what they dished out, because it always does. Take that pile of bills and tell them to go to H-E-double hockey sticks. Deep clean your altar area and sit and meditate on removing all bad out of your life.

There you have it, a schematic on how to work an entire month of Moon phases and incorporate the Moon's energy into your spellwork and into your life. If you're working on a long-term project, like a perfect mate, then repeat, repeat, repeat until they appear right before your eyes.

Author, Proprietor, and Prognosticator Rev. Sister Jacqueline can be reached through her biography page on Hoodoo Psychics, where you can discover more about her readings and spellwork.

Evan Lionhart On The Thankful Life

The holidays are upon us! A time to be thankful, celebrate with family and friends, and plan for a prosperous year ahead. Even with these traditional ideals at the forefront of our celebrations, it's often too easy to overlook the most simple of blessings: shelter, life, stability, good health.

For all of us, none of these fortunes are guaranteed as we take each day one at a time. However, few are aware of the power of acknowledging these boons bestowed by the Creator. You don't have to wait for the arrival of the festive seasons to tap into it either! Follow these four tips to help step into your best & most grateful life all year round, and share the bounty with those around you.

Celebrate Life

Many workers say prayers of thanks to Spirit in their own way on a daily or weekly basis. Even if this isn't a part of your practice, have you considered including a prayer of thanksgiving for your life and the lives of those around you? Start your day by taking 5 minutes in front of a white tealight dressed with Blessing or Holy oil and thank Spirit for the chance to experience another day of life. Don't forget to include a "thank you" for friends, family, and all who accompany you on your day-to-day journey!

Gratitude in the Workplace

Some of us are blessed to have careers we love. For others, it can be a challenge finding the will to get to that job day after day. Employ gratitude with a shift in perspective: a part- or full-time job provides not just financial abundance but a sense of stability that some people can't attain. Consider setting a portion of your wages aside to fill a money blessing jar for an anonymous donation to a worthy cause or family in need as a gesture of generosity for the money you make.

Favoring the Unfortunate 

Homelessness and hunger are at their highest, yet so much food goes to waste, especially around the holidays. Along with making contributions to your local pantries, you may also want to donate coats, socks and unused wearables to those in need. Consider dressing some of those much needed giveaways in Blessing, Protection and/or Attraction sachet powders or oils (if you launder them first) before handing them over to impart a bit of practical conjure work to those in need. Canned donations can be dressed in Attraction and Blessing products as well before being given away.

Grateful for Safety

In a topsy-turvy world, safety can at times feel quite uncertain. Though many of us often do work for protection from the unseen, how often do we stop and thank the spirits that provide it? Think of adding a prayer of gratitude for the safety of you and yours to the end of your day. You may take this a step further and create a protection jar for your neighborhood or city, especially around schools, hospitals and universities. If you work with saints, give these buildings to them to guard and watch over.

These easy acts of gratitude will not only serve to place you in a spirit of grace, you may find your spiritual work improve as a result of a cultivating a generous and open heart. Remember, Spirit favors those who are grateful. As 2nd Corinthians 9:11 says:


"You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion,
and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God."

Wishing you a joyous and gracious holiday season.

Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.