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Classic Conjure With Evan Lionhart: 7 Roots for 7 Wonders
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Madame Nadia Contacts The Great Beyond: Necromantic Rite To Call Upon An Ancestor For Guidance
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Hoodoo Psychics - Tricks and Treats for October 2020
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A sudden chill descends, and it's time for a (moderately) festive Halloween, as we wait to see what tricks or treats the Mercury Retrograde Election will bring.

Lady Muse is celebrating the first anniversary of her store with a special workshop,
Magnetized To Manifest. You may remember her March Money Magnet spell from this spring, a taste of things to come!

In our own treat bag, we have conjure roots and nifty books to share. If you're being tricked, we also have tips for cleaning up that haunted house and a ritual to help contact the dearly departed for their aid and assistance.

So settle down in the graveyard of your choice, and give us a call if things get spooky!

Many blessings,

Deacon Millett

Classic Conjure With Evan Lionhart

7 Roots for 7 Wonders

As many of us aim to get a firm grasp on things, it's vital to remember the importance of creating spiritual foundations alongside our physical ones. This is where good conjure can assist greatly, especially when working with roots. Roots are thought of as quite powerful plant allies in Hoodoo; after all you couldn't have rootwork without 'em! Not only do they pack quite a punch, they can help when needing to change things "from the ground up." Below are seven well-known roots used in Hoodoo that can lend a big hand in manifesting the life you desire.

1. Lovage Root 

When looking for
new love, look no further than Lovage. This root can help in not just attracting new partners, but can improve your chances at finding them. This root works well when combined with other ingredients, making it ideal for mojo bags. If the interest of a specific target is what you seek, add their personal concerns to the bag. 

2. Galangal Root (Little John)

An excellent root for legal situations, Galangal (colloquially known as Little John to Chew) finds its fame primarily in the court house. Many old-school tricks with Little John to Chew include chewing and spitting the root on the courtroom floor to influence favor and mercy from the judge. However, it can also be used to break or send away a jinx. This is also done through the act of chewing and spitting out the root. 

3. Sampson Snake Root

A powerful ally associated with male energy, Sampson Snake Root conveys confidence, strength and power. It's no wonder why this root is often turned to for uncrossing and restoring one's power. Because of Sampson Snake root's masculine nature, it is often used in love spells by people of similar energies to attract feminine mates. 

4. Queen Elizabeth Root

Just as opposites attract, we have the counterpart to our previous root -- the regal Queen Elizabeth. Described by Miss Cat as being "superior to any other love fetish or amulet," any practitioner searching for romance should not be without it! Queen Elizabeth works exclusively to draw the love of men. This root is often carried whole as a pocket piece or in a mojo bag to draw masculine lovers. 

5. Lucky Hand Root

Gamblers rejoice! This root is just for you and "does what it says"!  Lucky Hand root is rare and precious, much like a winning hand. Anyone looking to increase their luck should carry one in their wallet and have one on their money altar. A good trick I recommend to keep winning luck coming in involves wrapping a Lucky Hand root up in a five dollar bill with Irish Moss & Cinnamon. Dress it weekly with Hoyt's cologne and keep it in your wallet. 

6. Solomon's Seal Root

Considered to be a root of Wisdom, Solomon's Seal is helpful in matters where clarity and insight is lacking. This root not only serves to illuminate that which is hidden, but can also help to uncross when affected by particularly troublesome jinxes. Solomon's Seal root is also protective and can be placed around the home to ward off intrusion. 

7. High John the Conqueror

Hands down the most famous root in Hoodoo, High John the Conqueror can assist with just about anything. Many conjurers love High John to open roads, remove blockages, and attract employment and love. With this in mind, a nicely sized High John the Conqueror root can be an invaluable ally when needing to start afresh or to simply keep blessings intact. I recommend dressing one weekly with a condition oil of your choice or my favorite, Special Oil #20. 

Many of these roots can become the base for powerful mojo hands, serve as pocket or altar pieces, or be added to candles and baths. It's always a good idea to spend time with the root of your choosing before working it, to better understand its spirit. If you want to know more about working with these wonderful roots, pick up a copy of miss cat's
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic

Wishing you good luck and solid foundations!

Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.
Uncrossing Tips With Deacon Millett
A house beset by noises, knocks, and cold spaces. A light, orb, or presence just beyond peripheral vision. A room where no one can manage a good night's sleep. A door that refuses to stay shut.

We've all been there -- in a space that feels wrong or off somehow. Here are some tips to get rid of that evil mess!

1. A glass of Holy Water with a square of camphor can be placed in any room without pets or children. Evil energies flee from this combination.

2. To soothe your dreams, fill a small muslin bag with flowers of hops, lavender, and jasmine. Sleep with this under your pillow.

3. Use Chinese Wash in your mop water and cleanse the house from top to bottom and back to front. Throw the last of the water out the front door or into the street.

4. Open all windows and smudge your space. Try a mix of Sage and Eucalyptus or Pine and Camphor on self-lighting charcoal. Tibetan Ghost Purging Incense is a powerful option.

5. From the spirit houses of Southeast Asia to the wooden Nkisi of the Congo, spirit dwellings can give a peaceful retreat to entities which have not yet moved on.

6. Wash linens and drapes, adding Banishing, Uncrossing, or Run Devil Run bath crystals to the washing machine. Anil bluing balls are another good addition.

7. Lastly, in a room that just won't quiet down, place a white saucer in each corner. On each saucer, in a ring of salt, place one slice of white onion and one slice of lemon, praying Psalms 23. Replace weekly to remove negativity, which can even blacken the materials!

Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett is the author of Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells and Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells. Visit him at

Madame Nadia Contacts The Great Beyond

This ritual to gain the advice of an ancestor is always potent -- but Halloween's full moon makes this the perfect weekend to reach out to the spirit world. The working is discussed in detail on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Podcast from November 11, 2018.  

You can perform this rite on an ancestral altar or any other space dedicated for such work. Kitchens and family rooms work well...bedrooms not so much, for the simple reason that you don't want to expose your ancestors to private and intimate acts. But we work with what we got, so if your living quarters are a single room, do what you gotta do.  

For the work you will need:

1. A new, small picture frame with a picture of the ancestor you're calling upon. If you have no picture, write their name on a piece of white paper, and put it in the frame. If you don't know a name, write "My Head Ancestor."

2. A small glass of cold water

3. Self lighting incense charcoal  

4. A heat proof container to burn incense

5. Herbs and Curios:

Gum Arabic

6. Personal Concerns

A few hairs from your head or body, or a few nail clippings will work too.  However, if there are genealogical or genetic concerns (perhaps you've been adopted into a family, and want to connect to the line you've been adopted into and not your, own genetic ancestors) use Quassia chips or shavings instead.

Mix together and crush Anise, Wormwood, Tobacco, Mugwort, Mint, Acacia, and Gum Arabic first, and put to the side. 

Separately, combine some Sandalwood with your personal concerns or Quassia.

The Ritual:

Set the picture frame, the glass of cold water, and the incense burner in a triangular shape -- with the frame being the back tip of the triangle.

Get into your spiritual zone. Breathe deeply. Meditate. Pray. Do that which helps you to shift the atmosphere from mundane to spiritual, so you can perform the work ahead. 

Now, that you are in the proper head space, take your shoes off and declare the space a holy space. This can be done in any way that is appropriate to your spiritual tradition, like sprinkling holy water, or calling on the quarters, or invoking the archangels. There's no one right way to do this. Do what resonates with you.

Next, carefully light the charcoal and let the little sparks run across the whole disk, so it's ready for your incense.

Add a pinch of the herb mix, letting the smoke rise and consecrate the space.

When you feel it is time, take a pinch of sandalwood mixed with your personal concerns, and say in a commanding manner:

"As The Lord spoke to Moses from the Burning Bush,
So I rightfully petition you, [say ancestor's name], 
my ancestor, to speak to me and guide me!" 

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths into the belly, and allow the energy to permeate your consciousness. There's a good chance you'll feel a presence, or if you are psychically inclined, even receive a message. 

Essentially, you could stop the ritual now, or keep adding incense as you speak to your ancestor, asking them about a specific matter you're seeking guidance about. 

When you are ready to finish the work, thank your ancestor and any other Spirits who might have been in assistance, and close the spiritual space -- again, per your personal spiritual tradition or occult path.

This working can be done at times of need for ancestral intervention or guidance, or on a regular schedule if you chose to deepen your connection with your ancestors. If you have some leftover incense mix, you might want to keep it for next time you'll be performing this rite.

May your workings be blessed and your ancestors talkative, whether you acknowledge Halloween, Samhain, All Saints' Day, or Dia de los Muertos. 

In addition to her decades of adept card readings, Hoodoo Psychic Madame Nadia embraces the role of the modern rootworker as a necromancer, psychopomp, and facilitator of death rites. 

Treat Yourself To Three New Books! 

This year's Hoodoo Heritage Festival was the debut date for three new Lucky Mojo Books. Unfortunately, the mighty Amazon has played a nasty trick this year, claiming it will be 1-2 months before the books are delivered -- yet they place an order with Lucky Mojo Publishing EVERY WEEK! Please order these at Amazon and don't take no for an answer!

The Magic of Hoodoo Container Spells in Boxes, Bags, Bowls, Buckets, and Jars
by Catherine Yronwode and Lara Rivera

This foundational book of conjure methods will introduce you to more than 100 time-tested ways to cast magic spells for protection, love, luck, wealth, health, and revenge within a variety of containers including: Eggs, Bones, Shells, and Fruits; Potted Plants and Hollow Trees; Paper, Cloth, and Leather Packets; Mojo Hands and Troll Bundles; Doll-Babies and Loaded Statuary; Glass Bottles and Jars; Sugar, Cigar, and Match Boxes; Mirror Boxes and Compacts; Loaded Oil Lamps and Candles; Ice Boxes and Freezers; Black Hawk Buckets; Scandinavian Spiritus Boxes; Witch Bottles and Bottle Trees; and Jewish and Arabic Spirit Traps. Essential reading for both novice and experienced rootwork practitioners.

How to Read Your Luck and Fate in the Tea Leaves
by Gregory Lee White and Catherine Yronwode

Tea leaf reading is an age-old form of divination that has followed the tea trade around the globe, touching many cultures. The Stranger in the Cup teaches you the secret lore of tea cup magic, including how to select a cup, choose the best tea for a reading, brew it, and give amazing readings. With a dictionary of more than 800 tea leaf symbols, plus dozens of sample cup interiors that will show you exactly what the leaves reveal, this book will guide you from beginner to expert cup reader in no time. Along the way, you will learn the history of tea; the rare tea cups designed for cartomancy, numerology, and astrology readings; and the woman-led Tea Room Movement that made tea leaf reading the preferred fortune-telling method of the radical Suffragettes. 

A Study of the Use of Candles in the Search for the Truth
by Mikhail Strabo, edited by Catherine Yronwode

This ground-breaking work was originally sold via ads in Black-owned newspapers, and it opened up a nation-wide conversation on the increasing importance of conjure work with candles. The author was a participant-observer and documentarian who respectfully verified the sources of his information from workers in the African-American Spiritual Church Movement, to compile a complete manual of home and church altar candle services for use in churches and by home practitioners. This famous hoodoo grimoire contains more than 50 candle and lamp spells for protection, love, wealth, and luck. Now, with 32 additional illustrated pages by editor catherine yronwode, The Guiding Light is back in print, bigger and better than ever. 
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