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Date   Newsletter Title
09/22/2020 Equinox Blessings from Hoodoo.News
08/30/2020 Spells For a Long Hot Summer - Hoodoo Psychics
06/05/2020 Just Works for Unjust Times - Hoodoo Psychics
05/11/2020 The Feast Day of St. Corona - Hoodoo Psychics
04/12/2020 St. Expedite and the Rites of Spring
03/21/2020 Spell to Protect from Unnatural Illness
03/14/2020 A Spring Bouquet from Hoodoo Psychics
02/14/2020 A Valentine From Hoodoo Psychics heart
12/25/2019 A Festive Season from Hoodoo Psychics
11/21/2019 With Gratitude from Hoodoo Psychics - Thanksgiving 2019
10/30/2019 Happy Halloween from Hoodoo Psychics
08/30/2019 Back to School with Hoodoo Psychics
06/18/2019 Happy Juneteenth from Hoodoo Psychics
04/18/2019 1/2 Price Easter Weekend Sale At Hoodoo Psychics
02/04/2019 Happy Year of the Pig from Hoodoo Psychics
10/31/2018 Happy Samhain from Hoodoo Psychics
08/29/2018 Happy Hungry Ghost Festival From Hoodoo Psychics!
07/04/2018 Happy Independence Day from Hoodoo Psychics!
03/31/2018 Happy Passover & Easter From Hoodoo Psychics!
02/14/2018 Happy Valentines Day from Hoodoo Psychics!
04/14/2017 Happy Passover & Easter from Hoodoo Psychics!
03/17/2017 Happy St. Patrick's Day From Hoodoo Psychics!
02/13/2017 Happy Valentines Day from Hoodoo Psychics!

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